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Expanda Van Homes - Transportable cabins in NSW

As a premier manufacturer of mobile granny flats, Expanda Van Homes have solutions to your portable housing needs in Australia. We strive to give our customers quality and convenience with relocatable cabins in NSW that are fully equipped with everything you need for comfortable living.

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying an Expanda Van Home

1). "UNIQUE" These relocatable granny flats are permitted where the zoning of your land doesn't allow for the construction of a permanent dwelling.

2). "FAST" Can be delivered onsite and setup, ready to move into in only a couple of hours, not days or weeks.

3). "EASY" Easy purchase, delivery and onsite installation process.

4). "RELOCATABLE" Can be easily & inexpensively relocated should the need arise in the future- ideal as flexible and relocatable mining accommodation for remote work and exploration.

5). "VALUE" Offers great value for money, sizes from 35 to 50 sqm at around half the price per sqm of any comparable form of re-locatable/mobile accommodation and they have a high resale value.

Great value mining accommodation investment for any manager planning for long term savings.

6). "QUALITY" Quality construction and built to last with steel and aluminum frame, 50 year warranty on insulated vinyl cladding, fully fitted including Hot Water System.

Who are they suitable for?

Whether you're looking for a holiday home, shack, worker's accommodation or transportable granny flats in NSW, let us take care of your needs. We will deliver high quality, high utility mobile cabins on time and at a price you can actually afford. Our flats are ideal for:

* Granny flat

* In-law accommodation

* Emergency housing

* Holiday home

* Fishing / hunting shack

* Workers accommodation

* Portable office

* Temporary or permanent home

* Portable mining accommodation

* We are also a park cabins manufacturer.


1).To provide an affordable, quick and easy solution to the alternative housing needs of Australians young and old, anywhere, any time.

2). To build a quality brand that is known for providing a superior product and service at unbeatable price.

3). To provide a housing option to over 3000 people a year by 2018.

Expanda Van also aims to be the leading emergency housing manufacturer in Australia, and we are currently concentrating on growing our manufacturing and distribution capabilities to be ready for a range of situations including natural disaster and other demanding situations.


Studio models from ONLY $49,990

* Full size Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry *

* Instant Hot Water System *

* Fully insulated *

* Front patio deck *

* Hail storm and fade resistant cladding *

* Available in a choice of colours *

* Can customised to your requirements *

* Completely self-contained *

* Available in 1-bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom and 4 bedrooms models *

* Design makes relocation quick and easy.

Can be relocated and set up within 2 hours *

*Inexpensive to transport, can be towed with a 4WD *

Allowed in caravan parks all over Australia including flood prone areas. Complies with all applicable regulations.